7 Essential Website Building Processes

From a modern point of view, a large number of startups are born every day. The first thing that comes to a business owner's mind is to create a website. The best thing to do is to ask website for help. construction company. Therefore, in this case, it is especially important to be familiar with process of creating a website, which will help business owners better connect with third-party companies. So, what are general processes for creating websites? According to Kehui Rongsheng's understanding of process of creating a website in past, under normal circumstances, we divide it into 7 main processes of creating a website, mainly including following:

1. Website demand analysis

This is most important link in website building process. It requires you to clearly describe your needs, including:

① Choosing a CMS system: use an online open source system or an SEO company's own system.

② Frequently used function sections: message and comment section, file upload section, for example: image, PDF and document upload.

③Development of software plugins: Baidu crawler statistics, sitemap generation, automatically adding anchor text to site, etc.

④Customize website URL form: choose between static, pseudo-static, and dynamic for whole site, and customize directory level.

2. Website Template

We know that user behavior metrics are an important reference for search engines, so in process of building a website, we need to focus on choosing website templates:

①Existing choice of templates for regular website building companies, other side will have templates for related industries, which is suitable for businesses that need to launch a website quickly.

② Website template development, it will give detailed analysis based on industry background from demand side, from color matching to column display planning, and final result will be determined by agreement between two parties. Usually, cost of such a website design will be relatively higher.

3. Choosing a host and domain name

Regarding hostname and domain, under normal circumstances website building company will handle it on their behalf and it is included in website building package, but suggestion given by Batman IT is to choose host and domain. name on your own. The reasons are as follows:

① Domain Name Ownership Problems: In order to connect users, very few website building companies usually use their own themes to create domain names and analyze them. After you terminate your cooperation with other party, you will face risk of not being able to request domain names Affects normal analysis of website.

② Host Stability Issues: Most of hosts provided by web development companieswebsites are shared IP addresses of their own cloud servers, and some are even low cost virtual hosts, which cannot guarantee website security and access speed.

4. Basic website optimization

Before launching a new website, company creating website usually provides basic website optimization services, including:

①Setting TDK on homepage makes brand words visible in search.

②Writing a website's robots.txt rules protects against unintentional dynamic links and avoids duplicate content.

③Use a 301 redirect to intelligently set your preferred website domain.

5. Interim website

If you have worked as a third party SEO company, in process of creating a website, we often encounter: problem of second version, even if your website is perfect, users will put forward their own modification needs.

Regarding site verification during site creation, we can make good use of Baidu Search Resource Platform's "closed site protection" function to avoid unnecessary exposure.

6. Website officially launched

When all preparatory work is done and website is officially launched, first thing we do is submit it for inclusion in Baidu to make sure target website can be successfully crawled, indexed and included.

But it is worth noting that before submitting URL to Baidu, you need to make sure that website has a certain amount of data, and each column has corresponding data so that website does not appear empty.

7. Website operation manual

For different website building companies, once website is officially launched, other party will usually provide a copy of website's main search engine optimization guidelines, operation, and work methods.