The complete process and steps of building a website, a must-see for beginners.

Now that Internet is very popular, requirements for creating websites are becoming more and more, so how do you create websites? The editor of Xiaoxiong Optimization will walk you through process of creating a website:

1. Determine purpose of creating a website.

Before you get started, you need to have a clear goal in mind.

Similarly, before you create a website, you also need to do your own full planning for website you're building. What functions should website perform? Do you want to be a responsive website, a foreign trade website, or a group website? Who is target audience of site? What style do you need to show? The more detailed thinking before creating site, easier its subsequent implementation will be, and closer effect of site will be to expectations.

2. Preliminary preparation of site content

At initial stage, we need to prepare content that website wants to display and collect data. According to structure of website, functions of website are classified and organized. Guarantee of originality and conformity of content. It is necessary to ensure that information is not erroneous, which can improve user experience and attract traffic.

3. Choosing methods for building a website

There are basically three ways to build a website: outsourcing from a website company, using a CMS system to build a website, and using an online platform to build a website. These three methods have different advantages and disadvantages. If you need to consider further optimization and expansion, I do not recommend that you use an online website building platform, websites created in this way are not included in search engines, do not expand well, cannot be transferred later, are unstable and etc.

If budget is high, you can find several well-known fitness companies to customize website production, especially when website includes feature development, it is better to pay attention to selection, otherwise technical strength of many website companies is uneven , and what is done will not be good. Satisfying your own needs.

The editor strongly recommends using CMS website builder here. Using CMS website building system to create websites is currently most common way to create websites. Some excellent CMS website building systems like PageAdmin, Jtbc, Empire, ecshop, etc. have features, user interface and extensions are very mature.

4. Define style and function of website

When creating a website, it is necessary to take into account basic number of websites served and choose a style according to service content of website and other information in cooperation with capabilities and experience of website designers and creators. . Mainly to reflect personalization andcharacteristics. This can be attractive to users, and of course, you can also choose some beautiful templates that can greatly reduce cost of creating a website. Website building systems such as pageadmin, discuz, and Empire provide rich web templates for users to choose from. -sites.

5. Testing site before launch

Before official launch, a lot of tests need to be done to make sure website is fully usable. Ensure normal use of website. And solve them in a timely manner when monitoring problems.

This is complete process of creating a website. After following these steps, it can be officially launched. What is needed is follow-up operation and maintenance, content improvement, optimization and promotion.