how to create your website

Now, with general development and practice of Internet sites, we have changed way we receive information and provided us with various business opportunities. Whether large companies or small and medium enterprises realize importance of having a website, they are all If you want to create your own website for online marketing and promote your company's business and services through website, company must consider quality when building a website, and it cannot be measured by net cost. Of course, building a website has a production cycle. If a company wants a website to be launched as quickly as possible, it is necessary to fully understand what processes are needed to create a website?

how to create your website
Specify purpose of site

Before you create a website, first thing to do is to clarify what is purpose of creating a website, and to plan, design and develop a website for different customer groups, since each industry has different characteristics. Browsing habits of each user. and aesthetic points of view are different. The website we create must reflect preferences and characteristics of user group. Only in this way can users love and recognize our website.

Create a domain namespace for your website

A good domain name instantly makes our website more stylish and easier for users to remember. Users currently add .com and .cn domain name suffixes. .com means international and .cn means Chinese. Depending on company name or industry characteristics, take Yunnan Caili Information Technology Co., Ltd as an example. Because domain names are a scarce resource, good domain names have largely disappeared. You can only use abbreviated place names + company name ( or use full names like baidu .com.

The web space is also called virtual host, which is used to store database and program files of our website (including text, images, web pages, videos, php, js, css programming language files).

how to create your website
Website page layout requirements

The website background feature is very powerful and animation effect is so dazzling. The first thing that users see when they visit a website is structural layout of website page. When users open a website, can they be instantly attracted? A creative superior website will not only make people feel refreshed, but it will also optimize search engine rankings better.

Therefore, at an early stage in creation of a website, we need to carry out comprehensive planning and planning. Whether page design of website uses templates or customization, no matter which way is designed, function of website is to engage users directly and allow users to delve into website.To understand our company, at present time we need to collect materials used to create website, including text, images, videos and other information.

Source code system for site management

After several years of development, website building system is also relatively diversified. Currently, website development languages ​​include asp, .net, php, jsp, and java. The investment cost of a website is low and also promotes talent recruitment. Now there are more technical people involved in PHP.

Of course, if you want to develop a website from scratch, this is not an easy task and will take a lot of time. If you do not have many years of experience in industry, development system is hardly suitable for your current situation, and you want to save your nerves, money and time, or find a professional website development company, or find a free open source system in Internet, each of them has its own advantages.

how to create your website
Online testing and website release

There will always be errors in any execution, and site is same. After background program of site is written and front-end code is configured, you need to add graphic information to background to see if frontend can display it After opening website Can open link, is there any garbled characters, is there any incompatibility in website page, how important is verification and evaluation of website, is there still a lot of shortcomings in website, we need to observe more in terms of user experience and gradually improve.

All issues with website have been resolved. There is no serious problem. You can upload all program files and databases of a website to a virtual host and then resolve domain name to server's ip. The virtual host binds domain name and user can formally access website through domain name.