What is site creation? What are processes for building a website?

In era of Internet and mobile technologies, creating websites has become commonplace. Many companies will create their own websites, have a dedicated R&D department, or find a professional website building company to build them. However, although companies that are new to website building already have idea of ​​building a website, they will still find it hard to go ahead with it. After actually developing website, I was stunned: how should a website be built to play its part?

What is site creation? What are processes for building a website?

First, editor would like to give you some non-fiction information about what web building is: web site building is different from developing web site applets. The creation of websites refers to use of a markup language (markup language) to integrate electronic information into this format transmitted over Internet and viewed by users in form of a graphical user interface (GUI). To put it simply, building a website basically has following functions: attract traffic from Internet, show company to more people through website, in order to achieve goal of promoting company or product deals.

After understanding design of a website, what are processes for building a website? Next, editor will answer your questions~

1. Positioning

First, you need to know what you are going to use this website for and what effect you hope to achieve. What type of website do you want, e-commerce, display, communication, comprehensive? What is theme of site? Which user group is it mainly aimed at? Only by finding this out can a website be improved and comprehensive, and its value fully revealed.

2. Feed

Many companies that are just starting to build websites don't know what website registration is. Simply put, as long as your website is located in China, you must inform relevant department, person who owns website, and contact information so that if there is any problem with website, you can be found. A feed can allow domestic visitors to visit your site more consistently, and a site without a feed won't be able to open. Of course, if your site is primarily for foreign users, and server is also owned by a foreign country, then there is no need to submit.

3. Design

Website design is very important. A beautiful and clean website can attract visitors and enhance browsing experience. The overall structure of website, navigation classification, style and color, layout of sections, placement of images and videos must be carefully considered to make website look user-friendly. The templates of many self-service website building platforms in China do not pay attention to design, which is a disadvantage.

4. Structure

In this part, it is necessary to take into account logical relationship. The structure of website should match logical thinking of users and guide them in right way. For example, what are you going to show user first? Then what do you know? How to generate interest among users? What is order of sections? Don't make your website design messy and unorganized.

5. Content

This is a very important part of building a website. Regular content updates will make your site more dynamic and improve visuals. Be it corporate products, thematic presentations, describedii articles... need to be updated frequently while maintaining a certain degree of originality. Structure and content are very important parts of building a website.

6. Background planning

This step should consider user's habits. How to make it more convenient and comfortable for users? At same time, we must do a good job of aligning customer service and displaying contact information, planning communications and customer service personnel, and providing visitors with a communication channel.

What is site creation? What are processes for building a website?

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