How to create a website

How to work well on building a website? To create a site, you need to have a relatively clear idea, otherwise, firstly, it will take time to refine it, and secondly, it is easy to make a few unnecessary mistakes, so when creating a site, you need to prepare in advance. Next, Fujian Bocheng Website Construction will introduce you to how to build a website well?

How to create a website

1. Web page design

Actually, this is user experience, including structure of web page, color matching, etc. All this should be considered from user's point of view, since website is used for marketing purposes if you cannot meet needs of users as you can How about a website?

2. Website name

Many people don't consider this job very important. Actually it is not. SEO friends know very well how important a website name is. Then, someone said, it's a big deal to change it later! The editor solemnly reminds you, don't take title seriously, changing title will have a big impact on site, especially site's ranking, so it's best to draft title early to avoid more problems later. especially merchants.

3. Website technical problems

Everyone should also pay attention to this problem, further optimization is inseparable from technical support!

4. Compiling website content

For a website, from point of view of web users, content of your website is very important. Nobody wants to read a website without content. Of course, it is not enough to have content. Said that content of website should be practical and friendly.