Informatization continues to give new impetus to socialist modernization

Planning "Proposals" attaches great importance to informatization and main historical development opportunities that it provides, puts forward clear requirements for development of informatization, and takes strategic measures.

Firstly, strategic driving position of informatization is more noticeable on new path of comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country. First, use information technology as leading force to strengthen national strategic science and technology, emphasizing leading role of artificial intelligence, quantum information, integrated circuits and other advanced fields of information technology. Second, consider information technology as an important starting point for development of new strategic industries, highlighting acceleration of growth of new generation information technology, and promoting deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other industries. Third, information infrastructure should be seen as an important part of promoting infrastructure construction, with a focus on accelerating construction of infrastructure such as 5G, industrial Internet, and large data centers.

Second, planning "proposal" reflects strategic agreement that informatization runs through entire modernization process. The "proposal" of plan puts forward main strategic measures of informatization, such as building network power, digital China, digital society and digital government. Accelerate unleashing of vast potential of informatization development and promote modernization through informatization. Starting from reality of realizing a new stage of development, implementing new development concepts and building a new development model, informatization will pass through all spheres of economic and social development, through entire process of building a modern socialist country.

Third, "Planning Proposal" clearly describes timetable and roadmap for comprehensive digital transformation of economy and society. The rapid development of information technology will radically free and develop social productive forces, providing material and technological opportunities for the "free and all-round development of man", which Marx pointed out.