What is difference between informatization, digitalization and intelligence?

What is difference between informatization, digitalization and intelligence?

Planning industrial networks and social networks is driven by such realistic business needs that lead to application of new technologies. Without intelligent equipment to automatically collect holographic data throughout whole process, without Internet connection, without deep learning for automatic data processing, without big data technology platform to store massive data, and without cloud computing technology platform to calculate massive data, it is impossible to achieve network planning.

Chinese enterprises, from small workshops to enterprises, to national and even global operations, are now quietly moving towards industrial integration and industrial planning, and are connected with government and state institutions to form social businesses. If you don't integrate others, others will integrate you.

1. Informatization

1. Informatization: actual business process is fixed in computer, from connection of departments and positions to connection of various departments of enterprise, to connection of consumers, to connection of higher and lower industries< /p>

2. Value: Consolidation of processes and rules facilitates large-scale unified operations and joint operations.

Second, digitization

1. Digitization: Use smart device sensors and visual recognition to automatically collect real-world holographic full-scale data to create a digital twin in a computer. The real world reacts automatically and synchronously.

2. Value: it will not form two shells between real situation and situation on computer, which will lead to incorrect evaluation of decision making.

3. Intelligence

1. Intelligence: first, intelligent OS, second, intelligent sensing and Internet of Things, third, visual recognition and voice interaction, fourth, deep learning computer social resources (talent, materials, equipment, warehouses, vehicles , means ) optimal planning.

2. Value: In order to achieve industrial communication and even business socialization, enormous complexity of things has gone beyond human control. It is necessary to achieve automation and optimization of social resources through deep learning of artificial intelligence driven by social big data. Submitting a match.