CRM is over? Why?

CRM is over? Why?

Nari? What?

Is my CRM out of date? Sellers sent black faces with a question mark!

What happened to traditional CRM?

CRM is designed primarily to manage basic consumer information and simply to maintain some day-to-day relationships with customers. In current tense social environment, customer information in CRM system is static and incomplete and cannot take lead To contact customers, all customer data is dead.

In particular, with development of social networks, shortcomings of CRM were revealed.

Firstly, in social environment of Internet, CRM cannot help businesses fulfill mission of connecting with customers. The social internet environment requires companies to constantly interact with consumers, engage in their daily lives and enable consumers to better understand brand. However, CRM usually takes only consumer data and cannot communicate effectively with consumers.

Secondly, CRM is focused on managing consumer data, so consumers typically receive business information passively and consumers have no channels to convey product information to merchants, causing product concepts to lag behind consumption. The form of hierarchy of needs.

Finally, due to inability to constantly interact with customers, only one-way customer data remains, which can neither meet exact needs of consumers nor increase value of customer LTV;

Therefore, CRM will lag behind currently popular SCRM system. In face of a comprehensive SCRM system created by marketers, CRM has no way to fight back and is almost completely defeated.

What hell is SCRM?

The full name of SCRM is Social CRM, customer relationship management in social networks. SCRM is an evolutionary model of traditional CRM, an extension and sublimation of traditional CRM.

The letter "S" has three meanings: "Communication", "customer relations" - social integration; "Simple" - fan management - simple and effective; "Smart" Sales Boosting - Intelligent Empowerment.

Analyze and compare benefits of SCRM from a 6w perspective

CRM is over? Why?

SCRM has heralded its wave, there is no doubt that SCRM is hottest topic of moment. More and more people are talking about SCRM, want to understand SCRM and are using SCRM to capture a bigger market. So, compared to past CRMs and CVMs, what are benefits of SCRM? Let's find out.

Firstly, SCRM is more important for growth than CRM (Customer Relationship Management). In fact, SCRM is not a tool or system, but a concept of management engineering, which may include tools, but not only ones. For example, some companies open a Facebook page and think that they have become SCRM companies, which is clearly not true. In fact, more important concept here is whether company is consumer aware, has a social media concept, and engages in dialogue with consumers? Only by properly understanding these relationships can customers continue to change and deliver more value. This is also advantage of SCRM over CRM.

Secondly, SCRM has a greater diffusion effect than CVM (Customer Value Management). Many merchants now talk about customer consumption needs and then evaluate value based on customer consumption, predict consumption based on consumption habits and historical data, and label, categorize and prioritize based on customer value such as membership consumption. Integral points, exchange of rewards through reward points to promote secondary purchases, this is done around volume of transaction, ignoring relationship with consumers, then such SCRM is not a true SCRM because it cannot distribute purchases through consumers. True SCRM can share products based on consumer social attributes, attract new customers to purchase, and continuously expand product sales.

Finally, SCRM marketing saves effort and money. SCRM should focus not only on consumers, but also on community. If a business only focuses on customers and ignores customers themselves when they think about sales, they will think about spending on marketing and advertising. Such costs are undoubtedly huge. And if you understand community, then you can better understand consumers themselves, understand people, and understand social relationships better, so that you can truly understand consumers. Very simply, if you focus only on value, then you will always have only this group of customers, and if you pay attention to relationships between people, community and know how to share through consumers, then your customer base will continue to expand.

What is essence of SCRM?

The foundation of SCRM is looking at problems from a customer's point of view, or driving product sales together with customers.

The first key point of SCRM is from a customer's point of view, let clientntam manage and share products;

The second key point of SCRM is customer segmentation based on classification and grouping of customers for personalization and differentiation;

The third key point of SCRM is listening and learning. Interact, communicate, learn and listen to customers in various social networks;

The fourth key point of SCRM is customer experience, which allows you to improve customer experience through personalized or humanized interaction.

The fifth key point of SCRM is reform of enterprise measurement and evaluation standards, these advertising channels, brand awareness, etc. should give way to customer social capital, including customer trust, customer activity, social relationships with customers, customer contributions, etc.

Why can SCRM leverage fan value?

1. Accurately understand fans

SCRM can manage all channels, including e-commerce platforms: Amazon, Wish, ebay, aliexpres and other customers, foreign social media platforms facebook, Instagram, tiktok and other users, through portrait tagging, classification, level, points , rewards, etc. punishments, etc. The management makes it possible to understand fans in all aspects, and deviation of services or products provided will be greatly reduced, making fans immune to increase in viscosity.

2. Social interaction

In past, most customer contact was by phone or email. Today, this method is reduced to negative advertising messages, and open rate is extremely low. In age of social media for everyone, customer habits have changed. has been successfully transferred to social media. If you continue to use traditional methods, I believe that Ghosts think it works, so SCRM method is to become a friend of customers and at same time allow customers to participate through content, activities, games , etc., so that sellers can easily interact with fans from a long distance.

3. Focus on profit

Money doesn't necessarily make ghosts turn tide these days, but good products, good activities, and good ideas can make fans chase after you. SCRM has created a multi-dimensional reward mechanism for experience sharing. and remuneration for additional work. Harvest, let fans reach best state of making money by sharing and saving money for their own use. Assuming there is no system support, I imagine this will not be resolved by several customer support and several financial staff.

What are use cases for SCRM?

1. Pseudo-private traffic pool at hometo

At present, more and more merchants are realizing importance of keeping their fans in captivity and are using every means to get customers to add their social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, etc. Methods include: e-order packages commerce. keep after-sales cards, vertical forums, short videos and various activities remaining on your Coal account. Initiate discount promotions or assess needs by forming different groups such as Facebook group and Instagram group.

This method attracts fans faster in short term and has a strong sense of trust, however, its disadvantages are that crowd cannot be accurately matched, task allocation is not systematic, and financial calculations are complex and incorrect. , there is a danger of being banned at any time.

2. Real private traffic pool

SCRM is best solution for getting into private domain traffic pool. It fully understands portrait marking, classification, level, points, rewards, punishments, etc. of incoming customers, and then uses mutual benefit mechanism through mutual benefit mechanism. a form of activity so that fans themselves want to share, generate distribution, and finally shape growth of feedback sharing through exclusive independent organizations such as APP or independent stations.

This method is slow to attract fans at an early stage and sense of trust needs to be gradually built up, but main advantage is quite clear: it can actually attract its own non-third party customers and build its own fan empire.

CRM is over? Why?

SCRM will eventually become main marketing mechanism for international merchants

The main difference between SCRM and CRM is that customer relationships are transformed from passive information management to social customer management. Willing to take initiative to share product information, constantly change to attract more new users, and at same time promote product sales and continue to bring significant benefits to company.

SCRM can help merchants grow private domain traffic, deeply understand user value, and distribute social traffic, thereby driving growth in customer assets, superusers, operational efficiency, and enterprise efficiency for merchants.

This area is still changing rapidly. In just a few years, SCRM has become new marketing tool for merchants. We have reason to believe that SCRM will eventually become main marketing mechanism for overseas merchants.