Does your business need a CRM system? need! Why?

As competition in market becomes more and more fierce, more and more companies are realizing importance of CRM. With help of CRM, they can effectively organize and allocate corporate resources, implement individual marketing based on customer segmentation, and use this to achieve increased profits and customer satisfaction. The ultimate goal is to attract new customers, retain existing customers and turn existing customers into repeat customers.

So, how exactly does CRM work? Here is a brief description of following aspects.

1. Help your sales force develop and retain customers better

The CRM system can define many key fields, including basic customer information, transaction information, service information, etc. As long as salesperson opens CRM, they can clearly see main characteristics of each customer. During development, we can analyze needs of customers by these characteristics and provide them with targeted services. Thereby increasing customer satisfaction, thereby increasing turnover rate and number of repeat purchases.

For example, if client is manager and is directly responsible for this business, he can contact him directly. If other party is only an employee, then find a way to get contact information of responsible person to make communication more efficient.

The client is engaged in Internet, so when communicating, you can directly introduce him to product information related to Internet, and targeted promotion will facilitate promotion of transactions.

2. Conduct scientific data analysis to help businesses make scientific decisions

Data makes management decisions more scientific. CRM data analysis system includes employee leader data analysis, employee customer analysis, employee business opportunity analysis, sales funnel analysis, business opportunity trend analysis, employee work log/communication log/telephone records analysis, etc. Enterprises also can customize according to their own needs. main data to be analyzed.

3. Increase efficiency of your employees

With a CRM office management platform, employees can spontaneously add work logs every day to better distribute their work without need for guidance. Sales staff can also spontaneously add customer communication logs to display status of customer communication and facilitate follow-up with customers.

The manager can check employee log anytime, anywhere in background to understand status of their work. There is no need to hold frequent meetings or request various reports from employees.

For field workers, you can also perform location verification and location tracking viewing to form an effective controland make sure employees are actively working.

4. Help companies serve customers well and promote secondary transactions

CRM can manage customer service for all aspects of pre-sales, sales and after-sales, record customer needs, customer service status, etc. at any time. get to work.

The CRM software takes customers as main focus, always pays attention to new developments of customers, and track customer needs in a timely manner, accurately pushes marketing information that meets customer needs, and can also send blessings or preference information at festivals or customers' birthdays to role of psychological help. The system supports bulk SMS and email, and you can set reminders so you don't forget.

Good customer service can not only encourage new customers' transactions and old customers' repeat purchases, but also realize word of mouth marketing, allowing customers to become your free promoters and help you run free advertising without advertising costs. fees, propaganda.

It can be said that with CRM, businesses have a complete set of customer management tools, which is equivalent to a data analysis tool. Enterprise employees can use CRM to improve their work efficiency, and enterprise management can use CRM data analysis to make scientific decisions to make enterprise run more smoothly.

In information age, a CRM system is a powerful tool for optimizing self-management, developing and maintaining customers. Deploying CRM is a smart choice for businesses.