What are benefits of integrating CRM and ERP?

Whether CRM is a customer relationship management system and ERP is an enterprise resource planning system, which are two independent systems. Why should these two systems be integrated? Should you have such doubts? First of all, we must understand what are the benefits of integrating two systems together?

What are benefits of integrating CRM and ERP?

1. Benefits of integrating CRM and ERP: Preventing data entry dizziness

Some customer data must be kept in two systems, such as customer address or contact number, which is determined by nature of CRM and ERP. When a customer's contact information or delivery address changes, information in both systems must be changed at same time. If system is poorly integrated or there is no intermediate application, data will have to be entered twice, which will take twice as long for seller or support representative.

2. Benefits of integrating CRM and ERP: work with clients in all directions

Ultimately, more data you enter into your CRM system, more information you have about existing and potential customers, making sales, promotions, and cross-sells much easier. ERP systems can provide a wealth of valuable data, including inventory, sales, delivery history, customer service issues, and more.

This data in a CRM system is invaluable for predicting sales and activity.

What are benefits of integrating CRM and ERP? (two)

Fourth, improve user acceptance

Constantly updating data on two different systems from time to time can also annoy end users. ERP is often an indispensable tool at work, and CRM will inevitably be ignored. Full system integration also ensures that end users are using both systems without even knowing it. When CRM and ERP refer to same software, end users only need to accept training of one system, and their work efficiency can be improved without switching between two systems. After all, technology is for people, not against people.

What are benefits of integrating CRM and ERP?

5. Smart Marketing

Quality CRM data is needed not only by sellers, but also by marketers. Detailed, accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible customer data is like a marketer's killer weapon. It is far more useful for marketing teams to refer to purchase records or historical order records than to make assumptions when considering products that current and potential customers may be interested in.

In addition, if a CRM plug-in is installed in marketing automation platform, it can further enhance intelligence such as sending warranty reminder emails, order update emails, and multi-level delivery notifications, which can improve customer satisfaction . and happiness. . Without information provided by an ERP system, marketers are like blind people trying to predict customer behavior.

What are benefits of integrating CRM and ERP?

Whether an enterprise uses integrated CRM and ERP or combines them depends on type of enterprise and business goals. But no matter what, we can guarantee good system performance and after-sales service.