Impact and countermeasures of dismissal of sales personnel on enterprises

For company's customers and customer information, regardless of active destruction or passive losses, loss caused by departure of sales personnel to company is direct and even huge. This aspect is a difficult problem for many companies, and its solution has become inevitable for management.

Over period of work, seller has more or less accumulated some customer resources. When resignation letter is submitted, resources accumulated by individual must be transferred to line manager or new salesperson for follow-up. Can whole transmission run smoothly and without any obstacles? The reality is not what we hoped.

1. There are many reasons why salespeople might leave their jobs. Most of them have to change companies without changing industries or jobs. The resources accumulated by salesperson in original unit will most likely be used as a weight to determine wages when applying for a new job, so downloading a customer profile as a gift to meet a new company is a good move. But this is extremely unfair to original company, because acquisition of these resources paid off cost of company.

Impact and countermeasures of dismissal of sales personnel on enterprises

Second, in order to take away client resources, destroying original client information is worst behavior. In one transfer, contact information of all customers is unavailable or incorrect. This is what I personally experienced: during handover, all seemingly complete data was actually revised, and then, by comparing several familiar ways to contact client, I found that every phone number was changed, it exploded.

Third, two actions mentioned above can only be performed by employees of dubious quality. Another kind of loss is caused by non-subjective behavior. For example: data is chaotic and it takes a lot of effort to make sense of it, but in end it still seems to be a mess; there are no records of previous customer interactions, newcomers follow without knowing results of previous actions. ups, and customers are disgusting; all quality clients enter stage of business negotiations, previous offer is not fixed, it is difficult to give a new offer, etc.

The problem is management that hasn't changed. A problem is a problem, and solution is actually very simple. Let me introduce you some small features of CRM (customer relationship management software) that can completely solve above problems. Of course, company must use a good set of management software:

1) Set upload permissions in CRM management system. Once a customer profile has been created, upload must be approved by a manager with authority. If you want to steal customer information, you can only manually copy it one by one, which is first hurdle for a huge customer resource base.

2) Install one-click restore function in CRM management system. Customer information can be changed, but a record of change will remain, when it is changed and who changed it, there will be traces. And you can restore it with one click whenever needed.

3) Before using a CRM management system, people usually use Excel to enter customer information and record activity records. However, Excel's natural shortcomings in managing huge customer data are also obvious (you should have experienced it). One of functions of a CRM management system is activity tracking. Every communication between seller and buyer can be recorded one by one. ., Once newcomers take over, they can have a very complete view of previous successor status and can minimize impact of an employee being fired.

Impact and countermeasures of dismissal of sales personnel on enterprises

After seeing above intro, I wondered if I could inspire my colleagues. Although simple, it must be practical.