What is CRM?

The CRM concept was proposed by GaternerGroup.

Creating a CRM software should start with call center and sales force automation. Based on these two, integrate and add service process management and marketing management, and gradually form a complete CRM solution. Currently, industry has formed a relatively unified concept, that is, CRM software is divided into three parts: collaborative, operational and analytical. The collaborative type focuses on communication channels between businesses and customers.

Operations focuses on business processes. The analytical type analyzes and extracts customer data accumulated by enterprise. In a particular implementation, one or more may be implemented according to particular circumstances.

What is CRM?

At present, most of so-called CRM software products in China are in working order, so has business process automation been implemented, and informatization means implementation of customer relationship management? This question is difficult to answer, to a certain extent, automating customer-related business processes can improve customer relationships. At same time, process automation and customer-oriented enterprise are two concepts. If we compare traditional marketing strategy with artillery bombing, then CRM concept is a precision missile, and many of current operational CRMs are very likely to be artillery, but bombing density is higher. When it comes to CRM, we have to mention industry. In fact, domestic CRM manufacturers mainly use general-purpose CRM at an early stage, and then enter industry with implementation of specific projects. So should CRM enter industry?

As a management idea, CRM can be applied in various industries. But specific applications differ. And CRM software is even more diverse, it should be analyzed depending on specific situation in industry.

Taking brokerage and securities companies as an example, activities of securities companies are mainly selling "transactions", so implementation of CRM for securities companies has certain characteristics. Firstly, broker has a working trading system on which operations such as opening an account and trading are performed. Then broker's CRM should be able to exchange data with existing trading system. In addition, services that securities companies can provide are mainly information services, so it is necessary to integrate information communication channels according to customer needs.

In addition, calculation of commissions can be differentiated according to different volumes of customer transactions, so deep use of customer data is more important. This requires building data warehouses based on transaction systems and CRM systems to realize online queries.

Because existing systems across industries are incompatible, CRM implementations also need to be considered differently, especially relationship between CRM and existing systems. The idea of ​​CRM is not limited to CRM system Much has been said about CRM above, so what is CRM? GartnetGroup believes that CRM should provide enterprises with a comprehensive management perspective, provide enterprises with better customer communication experiences, and maximize customer profitability.

According to Hurwitzgroup, CRM aims to automate and improve business processes related to customer relationships in areas such asas sales, marketing and customer service.

It is not only a system of principles, but also a set of software and technologies. Based on above definitions, I think that CRM is first and foremost a kind of management thought that aims to realize that an enterprise is customer-centric by identifying customers, highlighting customers, and providing personalized services for different customer needs. to improve customer's entire life cycle cost. It first appears as a customer strategy and a marketing strategy, but it is not limited to external marketing of enterprise, but definitely affects production and operation of entire enterprise. In addition, CRM can also refer to a set of software. The software is mainly focused on business processes or enterprise management decisions related to customers. Compared to ERP, this is a more advanced system. But not all external CRM-systems should reflect idea of ​​CRM. The idea of ​​CRM is not necessarily reflected only in software called a CRM system. Conclusion Customer relationship management requires not only treating customers well, but also managing customers as a strategic resource. How can so many customers remember this? It's easy to deal with, just install CRM software suite and let system remember it for you, it's that simple.