Is there such a function in CRM system?

Although CRM system has been around in China for a long time, many people don't know what CRM is. When some companies need this system, they will come to us and ask what features CRM has. What is this for? I will tell you about one of functions of CRM-system of our company.

First open web page and you will see CRM login page. After logging into CRM system, a workplace will appear. The CRM workspace will display work in progress or yesterday's work to remind employees what to do today. What.

But that's not feature we're going to introduce today

The feature I want to introduce is part of marketplace management: it's lead management in a CRM system

Tip management in CRM system is about registering hints about where our company came from. For example, some companies did bidding, some are Baidu, 360, etc. You should know about search engine bidding that they have no effect, after all, bidding costs money, so we have to calculate how much money was spent, and how many tips received to see if it was helpful. It can also record information such as main audience, time and area, etc. to make it easy to manage.

Why should I implement this CRM feature? Is it because this function is most important for company?

Of course not, because I use this function most of time