Declaration of Confidentiality

The fact of accessing this page implies that you have read and accept, on your own behalf and on behalf of the entity or person on whose behalf you act, without any reservation, that your personal data will be treated according to the terms described then.

1. Anonymous visitsThis web page can be visited without the user telling us his identity. In this case, the servers that host our website will only be able to obtain and keep the information related to the provider's domain name (PSI) and/or the IP address that gives them access to the network. In the same way, they will be able to register the Internet address from which the link that directs them to our web page has started.

This information may be used to monitor the number of visitors, the time spent, the pages viewed and other statistics about the users of our page. This will allow us to check its operation and, if necessary, improve its use.

2. Collection of personal informationAny personal information provided to us by customers and users through the forms on this website is the result of a voluntary act on their part.

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